A close encounter

I was very fortunate to hold my new grandson the day he was born. It was past 10 pm, and  I was spent from the anxiety of worrying about my daughter in labor plus babysitting our 2 1/2 year old grand-daughter. But I made the drive out to a quiet night at Packards Children’s Hospital and a friendly staff.  It sure puts life into perspective to experience the thrill of brand new parents and the joy of a newborn.  So very innocent and peaceful, sleeping and breathing in a new environment- it’s a true miracle.  Now in a way, I am needed less,  as my daughter and her husband have new family priorities. But in another, I’m a step closer,  as I embrace our new family and lend a hand to help. A positive happy life surely is how we choose to view the events that fill our lives.



Coffee tasting 👍 SF

A morning doesn’t go by for me,  without a cup of coffee within 30 minutes of waking,but preferably within 5! We’re staying in Burlingame, CA., and our Airbnb is only 3 blocks to an Italian tradition on Broadway called il piccolo caffe. Wide open doors welcome you to an European setting that offers great coffee and a great Italian looking atmosphere. Since we are going shopping on Union Street later, I stared wth a small brew to wake up.  The coffee tastes rich and full bodied and their friendly staff make you want to return. Later we ventured over to Artis in the  Hayes Valley neighborhood of S.F.  Yum, great latte and specialty sweets! It has a modern aesthetic and roasts it’s beans fresh with every order!  They call it “Live Roast.” Great start to a to a day of wondering the local boutiques.

Heads Carolina, Tails California


Well that’s a loaded title and has caused a lot of angst for me.  Ten years ago, my husband and I left the Bay Area for an easier and healthier lifestyle. Stupid us, who thought our kids wouldn’t be able to afford to live the lifestyle they were raised in. I know that we can’t foresee what our kids can or cannot do. We were going to provide a new area, easily more affordable without all the blood, sweat and tears of Silicon Valley in California.  So fast forward to today. We are relocated in Chapel Hill, NC., … with our cat!! Right now our 3 kids live in various parts of Cali and we are all able to visit often. Presently, I feel very fortunate for my life in Carolina, but I also know I am a California girl. Can we live happily on two coasts? Many people do it. We’ll see. Here’s a picture from Fort Point located under the Golden Gate Bridge,  which never ever gets old.